Client Portal

With the increasing use of email for communication with our clients, we have been concerned for some time about the security of the data contained within emails. Email is an insecure way of communicating unless you opt for encryption and this does not always suit everyone. We have therefore decided to offer a secure client portal which will enable us to communicate with our clients in a secure manner.

A portal offers our clients a convenient way to access documents, transfer data, store data and convey information. It is a private, secure extension of our website which gives clients 24/7 access to our services.  With a secure portal, clients can retrieve and review tax returns, financial documents, accounts and other private information. It is a two way process which will allow clients to pass documents to us securely also.

For example, insurance policies can be scanned and stored via the portal for future use. We will also be offering the ability to upload payroll data, accounts data etc to the portal for direct transfer into our software. The portal will allow a more efficient service to be provided to our clients, cutting down on postal delays whilst also reducing our carbon footprint through reduced paper and printing costs.

To login, please go to: