Fee Protection

The last few years has seen HMRC get new powers, new penalties and new systems. It heralds a new era for tax compliance. It has never been easier for HMRC to enquire into your tax affairs, whether it is a particular aspect of your return or a full enquiry.

This can lead to unannounced visits from HMRC and demands for information. With the new integrated approach from HMRC you will find that a number of subjects such as VAT & PAYE can be covered at one visit. Anyone who has undergone an HMRC investigation will testify as to the benefits of having fee protection. The average full investigation lasts for between nine and twelve months.

Fee protection is an insurance against our fees should HMRC make an enquiry. For a small annual sum we will insure you against our fees – fees that can be a significant amount depending on what HMRC want to know.

We believe that the peace of mind provided by a fee protection scheme makes good business sense. We are backed by Taxwise, one of the market leading fee protection specialists and as part of the cover offered, you receive free access to the Taxwise telephone helpline where experienced consultants will answer your queries on matters such as employment, health & safety and general legal advice.

We recommend that all our clients take out this cover as no matter how careful or how diligent you are, HMRC may still choose you for a random investigation.

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