“Farewell manual data entry, hello productivity” – that’s what AutoEntry promises and, in our experience, it more than delivers. AutoEntry is cloud-based software that automatically captures the data from your business’s bills, invoices, expenses forms and receipts. It then feeds them directly into your accounting software – no manual entry, no copying and pasting, just a few clicks.

AutoEntry’s statistics are impressive. Businesses which use it see productivity increases of up to 90%. As an accounting firm that believes in efficiency and the power of technology, we find that pretty exciting – productivity equals profitability.

If you’d like to find out more, a free trial is available. Then, if you decide to subscribe, there is a range of monthly packages, with a 50% discount for your first 6 months. Then we at Deans can help you get setup, provide training and ongoing support.

How it works


Choose the bill, receipt, expense or invoice you want to submit.


Simply email, scan or snap your paperwork with the mobile or desktop app.


Then sit back and let AutoEntry take care of everything.

AutoEntry really couldn’t be easier to use, wherever you are, on whichever device. From builders on the road or on site with fuel receipts to record, to retailers recording purchases and sales on the laptop in the shop, everyone can benefit. With fewer pieces of paper around, and fewer evenings spent entering financial data into the system, you’ll gain more clarity and more free time.


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