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At Deans, we have always embraced new technology and Cloud Accounting is no different. As the Cloud becomes mainstream we now offer our clients access to a number of accounting platforms, Quickbooks and Xero being the main ones. All of our staff have been trained and certified by both Quickbooks and Xero and have the necessary experience to help you on your journey to the Cloud.

Why move to the Cloud? It will give you a better overview of your finances as you can view data in real time. No need to wait for your year end accounts, make better decisions with up to date information. The data is up to date as all accounting packages link to your bank accounts, credit cards and paypal accounts and automatically download the data into the software. Using add-on apps such as Autoentry will let you streamline your paper processing by scanning invoices direct into the accounting software.

Free yourself from your desk – as the software is cloud based, you can access it from a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone, on the go, anytime, 24 hours a day, all you need is internet access.

Forget about backups, it is all taken care of for you, the same with upgrades, no more downloads, messing about with disks, worrying about hardware compatibility, things of the past.

Is it safe? Yes, all the cloud companies meet and exceed current data protection standards. Your data is safe in secure data facilities.

Implementation / Training – we can provide on-site training for your staff as well as a full implementation plan, incorporating the latest add-ons that would help your business.

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