Construction Industry

The construction industry is one of the most competitive and volatile sectors in the UK economy. It is also subject to plenty of Government intervention, from the construction industry scheme (CIS) to the domestic VAT reverse charge. That’s before you take into the account the usual burdens of compliance with tax and employment law.

All of that means construction businesses need to engage in careful planning and get expert advice if they’re going to stay efficient and keep growing.

With years’ of experience working with builders, engineers, contractors and developers, we pride ourselves on a deep understanding of the specific problems faced by the sector. Our advice is always based on up-to-date knowledge of legislation, HMRC guidance and practical experience in the field.

As your accountants and tax advisers, we’ll work with you to optimise the performance of your construction business. We’ll help you find and secure funding, support you in project and cashflow planning and even manage your payroll. Whatever it takes, in short, to reduce the weight on your shoulders.

Our construction accountant services include… 

  • Construction industry scheme (CIS) returns
  • Advice on the domestic VAT reverse charge
  • Project accounting and planning
  • Advice on IR35 for contractors and consultants
  • Cashflow planning
  • Plus core accounting services

> Construction industry

The construction industry is one of the most volatile sectors in the UK economy so careful planning and advice are needed to maintain efficiency and competitiveness.

> Investment and financial services

We’re not only qualified independent financial advisers (IFAs) but also, as your accountants, know your financial and tax situation in extra depth.

> Charities

Deans has a particular specialism in preparing charity accounts, reports, and independent examinations, having many years’ experience with charities and trustee responsibilities.

> Knitwear

We provide accountancy services and business advice to a number of traditional high-quality knitwear manufacturers, helping them remain efficient and competitive.

> Retail

Many of our clients operate shops and outlets across the UK and rely on us for support with business planning, cashflow planning, retail VAT schemes and staff payroll.

> Solicitors

As professional advisers ourselves, we understand the legislative requirements put upon the legal profession, including financial reporting to the Law Society.

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