Wealth Management

Providing unrivalled customer service

Our partner business, Deans Investment Advisors LLP is committed to providing the highest quality investment and financial planning advice to individuals, businesses and trusts. Our advice covers investments, ISAs, pensions, retirement planning and strategic tax planning.

We know each individual has different needs and our partners, who are experienced independent financial advisers (IFAs), always take the time to get to know you and your requirements. The advice they offer is based on listening and asking the right questions. They’ll continue to work with you to ensure that this financial advice adapts to your needs as they change over time, planning and building your wealth and capital.

Investment advice should always be part of a long-term, ongoing process – not a one-off event. To make that a reality, we use software and resources to help us guide you through the process and visualise your long-term financial landscape.

We talk to clients regularly, at least annually, to review and update their financial plans. Using software called Voyant, we prepare detailed, easy-to-understand lifetime cashflow plans which can quickly and easily illustrate various “what-if” scenarios. That drives smart financial decision making with tangible results.

When advising clients on suitable investment providers, we always look to identify those offering both value for money and excellent customer service. As such, many clients are currently utilising the investment and pension fund platforms below. (Clients can login directly via these links.)

You can learn more above Voyant by watching their pre-retirement and retirement videos here: